Scope of responsibilities of the PM regarding the management of the construction works and performance of the investment supervision:


  1. Undertaking actions at the construction site on behalf of the Client as the Investor, by exercising control over compliance of completed construction works with the agreement concluded with the General Contractor, and also, in particular, compliance of the implementation of the Investment with the design and the building permit, including, if required the replacement design, and with all the working designs, and ensuring of the investment supervision.

  2. Participation in and holding of co-ordination meetings during the preparatory stage and at the construction site during the completion of the investment, and also notification of the Investor’s representatives of the progress of the investment.

  3. Coordination of and participation in the process of preparation of drawings, technical specifications for the performance and acceptance of works as well as the tender documentation including the preparation of the proposals for the General Contracting Agreement.

  4. Participation in the conducting of negotiations and the selection of the General Contractor, and also in the preparation of the tender procedures according to the arrangements with the Client.

  5. Taking measures to ensure that the General Contractor prepares and submits the working documentation on time.

  6. Immediate notification of the Client of the anticipated deviations regarding the costs of Investment completion in relation to the approved Investment’s budget.

  7. Appointment and employment of Investor Supervision inspectors, making them familiar with the Design Documentation, conditions of the building permit, construction site, its utilities and existing equipment.

  8. Organisation of and participation in the delivery of the construction site to the General Contractor. Delivery of the site log to the site manager.

  9. Immediate notification of the Client of all planned changes in the quality of workmanship or function of the Investment.

  10. Immediate notification of the Client of all risks regarding the deadline for the completion of the investment or its respective stages in relation to the approved schedule.

  11. Immediate notification of the Client of all events which could have an impact on the timely completion of the Investment or its stages.

  12. Representation of the Investor before the administrative authorities and all network and road infrastructure administrators;

  13. Participation in the acceptances of all construction works covered up or concealed, participation in tests and technical acceptances of the engineering systems and equipment.

  14. Confirmation of the actual completion of the respective works and rectification of the discovered defects.

  15. Exercising of control over compliance of the completed construction works included in the described construction project with the agreements concluded directly between the Client and the contractors as well as with the schedule of works and expenditures,

  16. Participation in the acceptances provided for by the aforementioned agreements between the Client and the contractors, verification of the existence of defects in works during such activities, and provided that a separate power of attorney is granted by the Client, performance of such acceptances on behalf of the Client.

  17. Confirmation of the rectification of defects disclosed during the aforementioned work acceptances.

  18. Participation in the control of the defects in works, disclosed during the warranty period for the physical defects or during the period of guarantees granted by the contractor to the Client with regards to the works covered by the described construction project, and checking of the removal of such defects by the contractor.

  19. Control of the progress of works and confirmation of the monthly invoices of the General Contractor including the verification of the payments of the General Contractor to its subcontractors, taking into consideration the provisions of the Agreement and their presentation to the Investor for approval and payment (invoicing management).

  20. Provision of opinions to the Client and presentation of requests of the General Contractor regarding changes in the method of performance of the construction works, including the changes in materials, machines and equipment.

  21. Taking measures to ensure that the General Contractor prepares the complete as-built documentation and recommendation for approval by the Investor as the final acceptance document for the facility;

  22. Preparation of and agreement on the procedures and final acceptance documents for the Facility with the Client.

  23. Preparation of requests for payment of contractual penalties or application to the Investor for making other deductions for failure to perform or improper performance of the obligations under the Agreement.

  24. Preparation and delivery of the request for the issue of the decision on the occupancy permit to the Investor, including the taking of all measures to ensure that all the documents, which would need to be attached to the aforementioned request in accordance with the applicable legal regulations are prepared and collected in full within the time limits which would enable the commissioning and opening of the facility as planned.

  25. Performance of the material and financial settlement of the works of the General Contractor and other participants of the construction process.

  26. The investment supervision will be performed with regards to the:

  1. construction works,

  2. structural works,

  3. electrical systems, low voltage systems,

  4. telecommunications systems,

  5. internal and external sanitary facilities (sanitary sewer system, water supply system, central heating system, compressed air system, ventilation system, refrigerating systems and air conditioning systems)

  6. process installations, if necessary.


  1. Other responsibilities as required by the Investor.


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